Making it Big Careers is an industry leading book and seminar series around professional development.  Our books, blog and seminar series, including corporate and university lectures, provide industry leading insight into career success and acceleration.

Here are some things we can help you with at either a personal or organizational level:

  • How to improve organizational efficiency
  • How to get a job
  • How to get a promotion
  • How to recruit the best and brightest people to your team
  • How to become a great people manager
  • How to work an organization, and get things done
  • How to foster innovation in your organization
  • How to reduce software lifecycle risks such as schedule overruns or poor reliability
  • How to improve software project management
  • How to improve professional results in nursing, law, software, marketing and several other professional disciplines

Our approach to career effectiveness is based on deep understanding of specific professions and their nuances, combined with deep insight from each profession’s leading personalities. We believe that in order to make it big you need to learn from the examples and experience of those who already have. Making it Big Careers delivers the combined wisdom of our professionals with the wisdom and foresight of the leading international experts in each field.