Making it Big in Software

About Making it Big in Software

Our book Making it Big in Software: Get the job. Work the org. Become great. has received high praise across the industry. The text provides colorful and valuable insight to professionals across many levels. Making it Big in Software is 22 critically acclaimed chapters of career advice for novices and experts alike.  Sure, there are lots of books available about how to be a better programmer.  Do you believe your career success in software is really just about your programming prowess alone? How many senior architects and executives are excellent programmers?  That’s what makes Making it Big in Software different – it’s not just about programming skills, but also about organizational effectiveness, soft skills, and driving technology innovation. In addition, the book include 17 exclusive interviews with software luminaries who changed the world.  Unlike other interviews they’ve done these focus on their ideas around career success. 

Why we wrote Making it Big in Software

Not only are many of the basic skills for professional growth not taught in school, but to a large degree they aren’t taught anywhere. The dynamic and somewhat bohemian quality of the software industry introduces unique career challenges. Our industry includes many of the trappings of corporate American culture, but many odd divergences. It’s a domain where teenage hackers compete head-to-head with MIT Ph.D. graduates and where crinkled T-shirts and unlaced running shoes coexist with stock options and executive titles. Making it Big in Software is my attempt to share strategies for traversing these unique dynamics and maximizing your professional potential. This book also includes interviews with some of the most influential software innovators and leaders of the past 30 years—people who literally changed the world.

Some of the ideas are the author’s own, but many are culled from the leading business thinkers and software development evangelists of the past three decades. So it has been a long road, and the writing was largely motivated by a desire to give something back to the community.

Hopefully, this book succeeds in providing you what school and daily work life generally cannot: the tools with which to make it BIG.