Career Optimization

You went to university to study a profession, but they were hell-bent on giving you an education instead. Unfortunately, there’s a gap between the formal education we receive in school and the skills we need to build truly successful careers. Not only are many of the basic skills for professional growth not taught in school, but to a large degree they aren’t taught anywhere.  The dynamic and somewhat bohemian quality of the modern professional workplace introduces unique career challenges. Many professions, such as IT and sofwtare, includes many of the trappings of corporate American culture, but many odd divergences. In these fields teenage hackers compete head-to-head with MIT Ph.D. graduates and where crinkled T-shirts and unlaced running shoes coexist with stock options and executive titles. Most professional areas, like Law, Teaching, Medicine and Nursing, are going through radical professional transformations that have changed the dynamics of success. Making it Big Careers provides strategies for traversing these unique dynamics and maximizing your professional potential. Our strategies are based on on cutting edge organizational research, but also on thousands of hours of interviews with leading professionals who have changed the world through their leadership and innovation. 

Making it Big Careers will provide you what school and daily work life generally cannot: the tools with which to make it BIG.

Contact us today to find out how we can help with our training lectures and seminars.  An investment in yourself can accelerate your career and allow you to reach new heights, larger responsibilities, and better compensation.  ~ You deserve it. Act now.