Praise for Making it Big in Software

Here’s a short sample of some of the feedback we’ve had from bloggers, reviewers and readers about Making it Big in Software:

“I’ve never seen a book as comprehensive and instantly useful as this one. The mashup of interviews with all-star contributors and Lightstone’s own golden nuts and bolts advice makes for a not to be missed volume for anybody in the software trade, or even just interested in the field. Seriously, this is the book.”
David J. Steinberg, Executive Vice President and General Manager,  Starz Animation

“For me, reading this book was a blissful experience from cover to cover.”
Mike Riley, Dr. Dobb’s

“What makes the book particularly attractive was Sam’s willingness to go out and interview other software stars, including Google’s Marissa Mayer, Java inventor James Gosling and Apple founder Steve Wozniak. The interviews alone are worth the price of admission.”
Eric Lundquist,

“This is by far the best career guide I have ever read.”
Jeremy Tio, reader

Sam Lightstone’s book, Making it Big in Software: Get the Job. Work the Org. Become Great. is primarily about the very last phrase in the title – becoming a great professional and software craftsman.
Dave West,

“This book is a must read for software professionals, students, and managers in the software industry.”
Bob Balfe,, Sofwtare Architect, IBM Senior Technical Staff Member

“Making it Big in Software is a great read, it is something I think that every software developer would have loved to have had when they were breaking into the software world. I know I would have loved to have had it. Sam Lightstone has put together what could easily be called the blueprint to a successful career in software.” blog

“The chapter on time management starts with the words ‘if you only read one chapter in this book, this should probably be the one’ – and I must say I agree. I consider myself to be organised but there were some great strategies outlined in that particular chapter.”

“An industry insider’s glowing endorsement. The book is very well organized, and it’s loaded with ultra pragmatic advise from people who know what they are talking about.”
Jeffrey Papows, President and Chief Executive Officer of Weblayers, Inc.

“‘Software is an amazing place to build a career.’ If you agree with this sentiment that opens Sam Lightstone’s book you are likely to enjoy reading it and find it motivating.”
Sue Gee,

“I enjoyed reading the book and have a whole list of discussion points from it. I highly recommend you buy your own copy!”
Jeanne Boyarsky, JavaRanch

“I’m impressed by how empowered I am after reading just the first few chapters! Seriously, I feel like coding the equivalent of punching a bear in the face!”
Chris Toohey,

“Countless books exist in the market about the software field, covering development techniques, engineering management, to marketing. However, I’ve yet to find one that gives a systematic overview of career development in the software business, and this is exactly what Sam’s new book offers. In large organizations, individuals are often confined to the scope of their positions and this book can fill in the gap between what you do and what software business is all about.”
Reynold Xin, Berkeley grad student

“This is an excellent book…. I found the answers and the advice invaluable, and just for those I recommend this book and give it a five stars out of five.”
Edmond Begoli, Knoxville TN, Blogger and reader.