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Hear what people are saying about Making It Big Careers’ lectures and seminars…

“I love Sam’s energy & the analogies he uses.”

“It was a very good presentation and I will apply some of the key learning into my daily routine.”

“I’ve listened to a lot of ‘Innovation’ talks and podcasts, read ‘innovation’ blogs, but Sam’s presentation was well tailored to [our] lab environment.”

“Very insightful and informative. I could relate to many things presented. Content was very relavent to my job.”

“I’m motivated to go and read Sam’s book. Really enjoyed his discussion. Well presented and very engaging.”

“Good presenter, good analogies and details. Well worth my time.”

“Sam, I am currently reading your book and have listened to your speeches twice. I would like to thank you for writting such an insightful and informative book. The content was really motivating and encouraged me to really go after some of my big goals. Thanks again.”

“One key point sunk in that I don’t think has sunk in before for me: CUSTOMERS are our source of PROBLEMS. Our job is to think up SOLUTIONS, not problems. We go to the customers to find problems. Thanks, Sam!

“The presentation, it was both inspirational and motivating.”

“Great presentation. Thank you so much for this opportunity!”

“Very clear voice, a lot of enthusiasm, good examples, clear conclusions. Really good speech.”

“Good speaker with great examples to get his points across. I will most definitely buy his book!”

“Great presentation – and very motivating. Listening to you speak reminds me to have fun in my job.”